After 4 years, the mission of our Director Naïl Muniglia came to an end last week. We were all together to say “goodbye” to him, express our feelings and remember the important milestones and projects built together since 2019.
“To all our colleagues, Board members, Embassy, partners, artists and friends, I am extending my sincere gratitude for this incredible opportunity of work in Zambia. Thanks to our fantastic teamwork we have managed to transform and bring new winds of change for our beloved Alliance Française. Everything is possible with passion, love and consistency. There is no limit to our dreams, so starting today I will be your number one supporter wherever I am in this world,  Culture is life, culture is freedom .Merci beaucoup, zikomo and see you soon!”
We won’t forget your words dear Director. Thank you for such inspiring energy as well as your contribution to the Arts, Culture and French language. À bientôt