Alliance Française on the Bauleni Flick, with Mr. Bollen

It’s a Sunday morning and 45 people have converged to do something they have never done before, together as a team or participating as an individual.

It’s only when you have tried something new, that you have lived the life and an experience, and my hope to give each one of these people here, some experience they will live to remember for a long time. My name is Andrew-Knox Bwalya Kaniki, and am an upcoming filmmaker, that’s on top of being an info-tech, digital media, guru and specialist of sorts.

The Alliance Française de Lusaka, had given me extensive support by availing their facility at a Gift in Kind. Among the many efforts and collaborations, with artist I appreciate the fact that I was supported greatly and continue to by the AFL.

This short films brings out the best, the worst and the ugly side of people all led by different circumstance. It’s actors and support personnel are all amateur filmmakers being guided by one experienced filmmaker.

Can people with different views, live and work together? I guess we find out in this short and insightful short film.

  • The Community
    A group of people living in one community. While trying out business as individuals they all come together to form a cooperative, appointing a linguist to represent them.
  • Rasta
    A well traveled gentleman that stumbles upon an opportunity and becomes a CEO overnight.
  • Billy
    AKA abena ‘Pot’ Billy. A conscientious, and shy, but yet tactful neighbour, no one wants to talk to.
  • Majorie
    TMeet Majorie. The neighbour, the curious and most secretive one. Why does she only come home in the morning?

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