International Women’s day Easily and Freely Exhibition.

Easily and freely exhibition is a project that the Alliance Française Lusaka has been working on from (month) 2021. Last year we took on a community project to empower a group of disadvantaged women in Lusaka who were going through different forms of abuse, violence and injustice. Over 200 women from different townships in Lusaka and one refugee camp went under skills(farming,computering,literacy,sewing) training to empower the women and over 500 families have benefited from this.

Belgian photographer, singer and songwriter, Siân Pottok together with Zambian folk singer Theresa Ng’ambi created a song entitled “Mzimai wamu Dziko” which translates to “women in the world”. They got voices of 50 women from the disadvantaged communities and refugee camp to help create this song and during the creation of the song Siân took photographs of the women.

The exhibition showcases a selection of photos taken by Siân to honour and acknowledge not only the women in the pictures but also all the other women who are in similar circumstances and to help them amplify their voices and let a light shine on the important roles they play in society. The exhibition will remain open for two weeks, Monday to Wednesday 09:00hrs- 17:30hrs.