Talent Show 2021

“The Beauty of Art”

It is that time again as we build up to a significant event, that brings not only talent but entertainment for all. Talent shows are a platform that allow participants to demonstrate their abilities through music(singing or instrumental), dance, Spoken word, Theatre and Arts (painting, photography and any other mixed media arts). This will be the last 3rd Edition showcased. The first prize in each category is K4,000 + a free workshop with professional artists + opening a professional show in 2022.

The Alliance Française de Lusaka is a local non-profitable organization that aims on promoting the French language, francophone/French culture, and cross-cultural exchange. It has a cultural department that deals with all cultural events including the Talent show that is at the end of the year. Showcasing young and local talents is a key point on our cultural policy since 2019 and a long term commitment with Zambian communities.

Why are Talent Shows significant?

  1. It allows individuals to showcase their abilities and put their knowledge to use.
  2. It improves their self-esteem, confidence, and certainty about what they’re doing.
  3. It gives participants the opportunity to interact with artists and producers
  4. Allows the individual to push themselves by surrounding themselves with diverse artists from different acts, which helps them acquire new talents.
  5. It allows you to put your ideas to the test and discover how viable they are in a risk-free environment where you can get feedback from peers and professionals. Any time spent fine-tuning your ideas is a fantastic investment if you are committed to attaining your dreams.

The Talent show castings will commence on 11th December 2021 to pick the finalists and the actual show with the final round will be on 18th December 2021.
Be Bold, be heard, be seen. Come and showcase your Talent!