LA GUINGUETTE De Lusaka 2021

A termly tradition at Alliance Française for almost 2 years, the Guinguette closed off the end of Session 4 of the languages courses.

The guinguette is a traditional event originally held in Paris and named after a cheap kind of wine. These gatherings were very popular in the 20th century involving traditional dance and music, chatting and drinking wine.

Bringing together all students from different language classes that include Nyanja, French and English. We also delivered a wonderful surprise of Sounds of Carols performed by Sia the Piper supported by Sitali, getting everyone singing along in a party style interaction between Students and Teachers.
The Guinguette marked the end of the year 2021, dedicated to all our students.

Other performances include an artistic dance by Namu-J (our Current Brand Ambassador), and the decoration of our new Christmas tree! MERCI & ZIKOMO to all our teachers and students, we wish you a fantastic festive season . See you in 2022 with a lot of energy and projects.