Successful Beginning of Classes

Powerful start of 2023! We have had a very great and successful kick off of our first session of classes for this new year with almost 300 students registered in different languages that our organization offers including French, English, Nyanja and Bemba and the ages of our students range from 3 years old going up.

To connect well our students with the French culture, we took an opportunity to celebrate the tradition of “la galette des rois” (king’s cake) with all our students as well as colleagues and we had so much fun designating the kings & queens of the day. Bravo to Ms. Harriet, the cook of the French Embassy who baked delicious « galettes » with dedication and love.

Staying with tradition, we also had the pleasure of celebrating with some of our students “la chandeleur”. This is a French tradition that signifies the beginning of the end of winter. “Crêpes” or French pancakes are part of the tradition and their circular shape and golden colour is meant to signal the brighter days of spring ahead.

We are grateful to all our students – both returning and new – for the unwavering support and we look forward to working together and having a successful and brighter year ahead.