New Year: 2023

It is the start of a brand-new year, and we are delighted because this definitely presents us an opportunity to start all over again on a blank slate and work with amazing partners – both new and old – to propose awesome programs and experiences to our various audiences.

The doors to our establishment have yet again been opened to the public for this year beginning with our different classes for both new and returning students at various levels of French, Bemba, Nyanja, English as well as piano lessons, Salsa classes and yoga.

We look forward with anticipation and excitement to resuming our cultural events in the coming month of February. Our hope is that you are all ready to take this journey with us so that we can create amazing memories together. Our tranquil (Kubelenga) library is also open and stocked with both English and French books to suite anyone’s taste in books.

Our team is energized and eager to welcome and serve you all. You are always welcome at our premises and we remain at your disposal. Please remember to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get updates on all our activities.