Month in Review: June

What a month, full of awesome surprises! We had the pleasure of hosting Mumba Yachi and this gave the attendees an opportunity to interact with him and learn more about his new album – Violet.

We also organized a series of inspiring Master Classes with Yvonne Mwale (Germany based Zambian singer) and The Harvard Krokodiloes (all thanks to the U.S. Embassy Zambia and the American Spaces ). The Krokodiloes are Harvard’s oldest a cappella singing group founded in 1946. The group consists of 12 tuxedo-clad undergraduates. A big thank you to all the artists for their generosity – we certainly learnt a lot.

On the 18th of June, we successfully celebrated the World music day (fete de la musique) at our premises. The festival drew a very impressive crowd and had amazing performances from more than 40 artists, both professional and upcoming.

The month surely gave us loads of positive energy to prepare for our next cultural events. Please be on the look-out, we still have amazing things planned for the rest of the year

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