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Alice Musonda Mwape

Kubelenga / Library

The Alliance Française de Lusaka has a fully fitted out library for both students and members. With just over 3,000 books in a 300 square meter space, the library can seat up to 30 people. We also have a Film corner with wireless headsets for up to 3 people .

Whether you want to study, look for information or have fun while learning, come over and enjoy this outstanding facility in a welcoming and truly contemporary space with Internet access in Kubelenga.

Our team will assist you in searching for documents and recommend works to read. The Media Library also serves as a special meeting place where events for children and adults are regularly held. Our Media Library houses thousands of physical documents in French, available for perusal as well as borrowing. Specialized French learning and teaching material is also a part of our collection. The Kubelenga digital library offers its members a selection of digital resources including newspapers and magazines. Only students and members of Alliance Française de Lusaka have borrowing privileges and access to the library:  Kubelenga

Are you one of our students or an institution interested in using our library? What you need to do is join our library. And, it is easy and super fast. Kindly click your preferred membership option below and the form will download.

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Open Monday
9.00 – 13.00
Tuesday – Friday
8.30 – 17.30
Weekend & Public Holidays

For Your Reading!

Around the World in Eighty Days

The classic novel, Around the World in 80 Days, begins with a challenge taken up by Fogg to cover the world in just eighty days. Fogg and Jean Passepartout, embark on a fantastic journey into a world of danger and beauty. From the exotic shores of India, to rescuing a Raja’s widowed wife, to the rugged American frontier, the novel visualizes the rich sceneries of the world and mesmerizes the readers with its sheer story-telling, downright entertainment and pure adventure.

Les Blagues de Toto T 07 : La Classe qui rit

They’re all back! The teacher, the gym teacher, the friends and the whole family for a new school year alongside the incorrigible Toto. Newcomers too: you’ll meet Uncle de Béthune and the school inspector. The schedule will be full of gags, especially during the festive season. That’s right, Toto is actively preparing for Christmas!

Mon Carnet Secret : Le Père-Noël

This notebook was written and drawn by me, Santa Claus, with the help of my reindeer Willy and my elves. Inside, there’s everything: my secrets, my sorrows, my joys… There’s even a photo of me in a bathing suit. The kids would love to get their hands on it. I’d better not lose It !

Would you like to become a member? Visit Kubelenga, our Médiathèque.