Supporting Mental Health & Local Talent

The fight against suicide – which often is associated with the issue of mental health – is for everyone.  The solution to combating mental health is talking about it and sensitizing the masses about the need to seek help when struggling emotionally.

Last week Friday and Saturday, we had the pleasure of opening our doors to great talent and initiatives in form of a theater play and a poetry show aimed at raising awareness about mental health. The play called Psycho Bae was organized by Gracious Mwiya Zeko Theater and Media Arts Club and was centered on the quest for self- preservation and fear of becoming a victim of abuse.

Meanwhile, the poetry show “Quarter Life” focused on the issues to do with stress, anxiety and mental health. Performances and presentations during the show revealed that mental health can affect anyone and that there is need to keep the conversations around this topic going. The show was organized by two organizations that we have been partnering with for some time now – Colour Culture and Mind Care Zambia.

Thumbs up to the artists for the amazing performances, and a big thank you to the audiences for their unyielding support.