Month in Review: August

Yet another exciting month has come and gone. The month of August was indeed an eventful one. It opened on a high note with a guitar master class which was moderated by four amazing professional artists; Sir Jones, Chanx, Shakarongo and Jagari Chanda with Fasichi and Jonathan as MCs. The master class attracted over 40 guitarists. This is just the beginning, we have more of such coming up.

This was followed by a creative painting workshop guided by the talented Zambian artist Cecilia Miller. The workshop received an overwhelming response – with over 20 paintings made on site in a relaxed and joyful atmosphere.

During the course of the month, we had other interesting activities such as partnering with Cavendish University to screen movies at their medical campus just behind our premises. We also partnered with the Embassy of the Czech Republic to host an unforgettable and magical opera night with the soprano singer Zdenka Kotkova and Wendy Landos on the piano.  For the opening act, we had Sitali on the piano and Siachaba on the flute.

We thank you all for your unyielding support and look forward to more interactions with all of you in the coming months.