Kids Holiday Program

To help kids stay motivated and inspired during the 2nd school holiday season, we introduced morning classes and activities at our premises that were catered for kids between the ages of 3/5, 6/8, 9/11, 12/16 years. Classes were held on Monday to Friday from 8th – 19th August 2022.

Our team of dedicated teachers introduced the kids to basics of French, Arts & theater, Karate and other awesome activities.

The program ended with a closing ceremony held on 20th August and was attended by very proud parents and friends. Observing the smiles and progression of the kids and children was certainly the highlight of our closing ceremony.

Thanks a lot to the parents who trusted us throughout the 2 weeks period that we had the kids in our care. We hope you are ready for the next similar program.

Merci et à bientôt.