Acting Workshop with Maria Mukuka

For actors, to become more and more professional, one needs to constantly apply himself/herself in learning the skills and techniques that make up the craft of acting. It is for this reason that we invited Maria Mukuka, a Greek/Zambian actor/educator/coach to host a series of acting classes at our premises from the 22nd – 26th of August, 2022.

The intensive workshop was meant to help actors who are constantly on the look-out for improvements in their techniques. Topics covered during the workshop included –but not limited to; Solid foundations in acting techniques, basic vocal/speech techniques, text analysis and cover movement for the stage.

The workshop ended with a performance held on the 27th of August and participants will be presented with certificates of participation.

This workshop was done in partnership with Circus Zambia and Interested participants of the workshop are offered the unique chance to be part of the Gule 2.0 Festival, held first weekend of November.

A big thank you to the tutor Maria Mukuka and the participants for making the workshop a success. We certainly look forward to hosting more of such workshops.

We would also like to reiterate our permanent commitment to working with theater groups here in Zambia.